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STEVENSON Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 14th April
2pm (New York), 7pm (Ire)


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This interesting medieval surname, with some twenty nameholders recorded in the British "Dictionary of National Biography", is one of the patronymic forms of the personal name "Steven or Stephen". This name of ancient Greek origins, dates from the pre-Christian period, and translates as "The Crown", a meaning which no doubt contributed to its popularity over the many centuries. It first became really popular in Northern Europe during and after the famous "Crusades" to the Holy Land in the 11th and 12th centuries, when soldiers returning from these wars gave their children Hebrew and Greek names in honour of their fathers achievements...


Stevenson (Variants: Variants: Stephenson, Stephinson, Steavenson, Steevenson, Stevinson, Steveson, Steenson, Stenson, Stimpson)

An English relationship name from the Middle English and Older Scots personal name Steven, Stephen + -son. Also Scottish and Northern English patronymic from the personal name Steven. Deriving from ‘the son of Steven’.

As a North American surname, it has assimilated some European cognates such as Stefan and Steffen and their derivatives.

This surname is also very common in Northern Ireland, where it has been interchangeable with Steenson and Stinson.

An English locative name from Stevenstone (Devon).

Early bearers of the surname include: Adam Steveneson, 1327 in Subsidy Rolls (Essex); Johannes Stevinson’, 1377 in Poll Tax (Clennell, Northumb); Willelmus Stevensone, 1377 in Poll Tax (Watnall Chaworth, Notts); Thomas Stevenson’, 1379 in Poll Tax (Sheffield, WR Yorks); Johannes Stevenson’, 1381 in Poll Tax (Cottingham, ER Yorks); Willelmus Stevenson’, 1381 in Poll Tax (Boston, Lincs); Edward Stephenson, 1543 in IGI (North Elmham, Norfolk); Anthony Stephenson, 1562 in IGI (Hurworth on Tees, Durham); Margrett Stephenson, 1568 in IGI (Wingerworth, Derbys).

In 1891, the surname was recorded in England and Wales with 12,737 occurrences and an abundant 6,716 occurrences in Scotland.

In 1881, the surname was frequent in central Scotland, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire. It was also a top surname in the county of Nottinghamshire with 1,065 occurrences.

In 1881, Coal Miner, Farmer and Labourer were the top 3 reported jobs. The most common Stevenson occupation in the UK was Coal Miner. A less common occupation was Agricultural Labourer.

David Stevenson, a Scottish convict from Edinburgh, was transported aboard the "Albion" on 29 May 1828, settling in New South Wales, Australia.

Thomas Stevenson (1818-1887), Scottish engineer and meteorologist, born in Edinburgh.

Hilda Stevenson (1893-1987) was an Australian philanthropist and community worker. Her father, Hugh Victor McKay, was an Australia industrialist known for his invention of the first commercially viable combine harvester.

1881, 1891 Census

1881 Census in Nottinghamshire

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Homes of Family Names in Great Britain, H.B. Guppy, London 1890

The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland, P.Hanks, Coats, McClure OUP 2016

1860 Lower, Mark A Patronymica Britannica: a dictionary of the family names of the United Kingdom, London: J.R Smith. Public Domain

1857 Arthur, William An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names. New York: Sheldon, Blakeman. Public Domain



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    Robert John Stevenson, born in Northern Ireland May 20, 1811. He died on May 24, 1859 in Scotland He married Sarah Jane Hodge on Sept. 25, 1844.
    Hire an expert Reply

    Carol Stevenson

    Look for ancestor's of James C. and Sarah Fatheran, left Ireland about 1845 arriving in Canada. James C DOB abt 1813, do not know where in Ireland. Sarah Fatheran DOB abt 1815. They had 8 children: John C DOB 1838, per 1850 cencus in New York area, master mason by trade. Married Mary Ann Gillespie. They had 3 boys, Charles Augustas, William James, and Samuel,-(Stevenson tree on ancestry). Andrew Jackson DOB abt 1839, DOD 1917 in Oregon , married Hannah Elizabeth Vann Hawley, They had 7 children, Christina, Edward, Mary Ann, George Andrew, John W., Emma L, and Ida E.-(possible ancestry tree Ticer and Crawford). Thomas Fatheran DOB 1841, DOD 1880 in Ohio, mason by trade, married Rachel Elizabeth McKinney. They had 6 children, Thomas A, Catherina Mable, Maude Harrie, Sarah Jane Fatheran, Wallace Robert, and Margaret M (possible Chenot-Anthony and Hunsicker ancestry trees). James, DOB 1843, DOD ?. Jane Elizabeth DOB 1845 DOD ?, James William DOB 1847 DOD 1938 Ohio-found family members, they have been of help. Elizabeth Christine DOB 1846 DOD 1846 Canada?. Samuel James DOB 1852 DOD in Fayette, Ohio. Possible married into Navely family ?. Information would be greatley appreciated. e-mail Carolas7@msn.com use subject Stevenson Family Thank you !
    Hire an expert Reply

    Gerard Stevenson

    Hello Looking for information for Daniel Stevenson - born May 22 1841 in Ireland. Immigrated to Canada 1848.
    Hire an expert Reply

    Susan Stevenson

    Hello, My name is Susan Stevenson. I am searching for information on my great great grandfather, James Stevenson, born October 1812, County Fermanagh, Ireland. This is all I know of his birth. I am trying to find some information on his mother and father and possibly get a birth certificate. Can you help me?
    Hire an expert Reply


    Hello My name is Susan Stevenson. I am searching for information on my great great grandfather, James Stevenson, born October 1812, County Fermanagh, Ireland. This is all I know of his birth. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Susan Stevenson, e-mail Irishlady 510 @ yahoo.com
    Hire an expert Reply

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