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PIPPIN Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 26th May
2pm (New York), 7pm (Ire)


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This interesting surname derives from the old French personal name Pepis, old Germanic given name Pepin, introduced into Britain by the Normans. It is of uncertain origin, perhaps originally a byname meaning "Terrible" or "Awe inspiring", from a root "bib" meaning to tremble. It was borne by several Frankish Kings, most notably Pepin le Bref, father of Charlemagne, and remained popular throughout the Middle Ages. The surname is first recorded in the late 11th Century, (see below). One, Henry Pipin, is noted in the 1195 Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire and John Pepin appears as a witness in the 1202 Norfolk Feet of Fines.
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    Hello Angela, My name is J Pippin, from Southern California. I was just going through my normal scattered but very effective brain cycles for lack of better words. When I happened upon this Ireland101. Interestingly enough in my previous attempts at finding answers to the “eerily” exact questions me and my son have attempted to find answers too. I would very much like to further investigate and compare these undeniable characteristics. I feel as though this rabbit hole would be best explored with caution and preparedness for good and bad at both extremes because in my experience every lesson in life thus far has proven to be nothing short of extreme to either side. That's all I’ll say for now as I don’t see any benefit to further implications on public forums for obvious reasons. I hope and look forward to some long needed corespondents that may bring answers and peace of mind for those of that has inherited this name with all of its pride and humility.
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    Angela Pippin

    I don’t know where I come from? All I know is I am a Pippin and proud to be one. Why is it that I feel different? Why is it that I can do certain stuff that others can’t? Why do I feel like I’m cursed? What do we believe in? Who are my ancestors
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