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MARTIN Family Room Next Event:

Sunday 26th May
2pm (New York), 7pm (Ire)


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Family spelling variants includes Martinet, Matin, Martain, Martens, Marten, Martyns, Martyn, Martins

MARTIN Family History

Family spelling variants include Martins, Martyn, Martyns, Marten, Martens, Martain, Matin, Martinet.


The modern surname stems from the Old French and Middle English personal name Martin, and as such refers back to the name of an ancestor, 'the son of Martin'.


The name itself probably has two origins. The first being the medieval Latin Martinus, which in turn is a derivative of Mars (genitive form Martis), the Roman god of fertility and war, the roots of which may ultimately derive from 'mar' meaning ‘gleam’. The second origin theory relates to the Old English habitational name, ‘settlement by a lake’ (from mere/mær meaning ‘pool’ or ‘lake’ + tun ‘settlement’) or ‘settlement by a boundary’ (from (ge)mære meaning ‘boundary’ + tun ‘settlement’).


There are approximately 1,026,506 Martin family members around the world, or probably double this when maiden name connections and other relations are taken into consideration.


It is estimated that the largest group of Martin family members live in the USA with 731,007 (71.2%) members, England with 86,073 (8.4%), Canada with 81,787 (8%), Australia with 49,951 (4.9%), South Africa with 41,130 (4%), Ireland with 14,738 (1.4%), Scotland with 11,150 (1.1%), New Zealand with 6,132 (0.6%) and Wales with 4,538 (0.4%) members.


Early bearers of this surname include Martinus, who in 1086 lived in Winton Domesday (Hants); Martinus, about 1166 in Northants Charters (Northants); Walter Martin, 1166 in Red Book of the Exchequer (Cambs); Elinor Martin, 1539 (Charlton Kings, Gloucs); Helin Martin, 1539 (Ipswich, Suffolk); Robert Martin, 1539 (Norwich, Norfolk); John Martin, 1540 (Guildford, Surrey); John Martin, 1540 (Rossington, WR Yorks); John Martin, 1558 (Saint Minver, Cornwall); John Martin, 1559 (Horsham, Sussex).


In 1881, the surname was most frequently observed in Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. There were 4,491 individuals recorded on that year's census in the southern county of Kent. The most common employment for Martin family members that year in the UK were agricultural labouring, general labouring and farming. Coal mining was less common.


In 1891, there were 62,762 references to the surname on the 1891 England and Wales census, with a further 9,027 recorded in Scotland.




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    David Martin

    Hello everyone.  My name is David Martin.  I have been doing a little research  to try to find out who my great grandfather's parents were. His name was Reginald Martin, but an early photo of him says his birth name was Rene.  He was born in 1888 and ophaned at the age of two, and adopted by a family in Wisconsin.  It looks as though his mother and father both died in 1890.  The only info I have is their names, Henri Martin and Rose Chanier of Neutchatel, France.  If anyone has any kind of info, it would be greatly appreciated. 
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    My 5th great grandfather George Martin reportedly sailed to Chester, PA in America from Ireland some time in the mid-1700s, before marrying Annah Cloud in Wilmington, DE in 1761 and settling on a farm in Hampshire County, WVA where he lived and raised a family until his death in 1806. I have not been able to trace his country of origin or parents across the pond and was hoping somebody on this site may have information on George Martin to share. My family lore says our Martin line were Scotch-Irish, which I take to mean a family from Northern Ireland that originally came from England or Scotland. My ancestry goal has been to trace each branch of my tree back to their country of origin. I have done that for all the women who married into my Martin line, but not yet for my Martins. Hoping somebody here can help!
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    Laura Ann martin I stay right across the school st.martin north schools on lemoyne and my family name is martin of Orland Scottish and Welch and united kingdom I stay in Mississippi on lemoyne this is where I lived at the st.martin school on lemoyne Blvd. I I seen a begger at fountains piers under the bridge I then rushed home and put a a brand new church suit with brand-new church shoes in a plastic bedspread bag clear so it was neatly folded and I put it on my back and carried it to him with one hand on my bike I was 9 years old and I had no fear I rode my bike into the shadows under the bridge and I gave him a cloak a brand new church suit and shoes black and shinny so he had rags and walked away in a brand new suit this was my clack to him my coat of arms. I have my paper work stating our martin coat of arms.
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    terry douglas martin

    I am looking for info and parents, grandparents, etc. of Thomas Martin born 1800 Tennessee married to Nancy Hatton born 1805 virginia. They" had son William D. Martin 1828-1911 tennessee who married 1853 Louisa Jane Scott 1832-1901 Indiana. Also info Robert joseph charlton 1861-1957 Kentucky married to Mary Murphy 1861-1933 St. Louis, Mo. tmartin5678@yahoo.com
    Hire an expert Reply

    terry douglas martin

    i am looking for parents,etc. of William Martin born circa 1800 tennessee, his son John Martin born circa 1800 tennessee married circa 1853 tennessee elizabeth scott (born 1824). William not married. john martin's son James henry martin 1854-1931 who married phoebe jane wells (1861-1950) tmartin5678@yahoo.com
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    I am looking for living descendants of Bernard Martin & Sarah, nee McGrath. Their son, Joseph married Sarah Frazer (or Frazier/Fraiser) in the Carnteel Catholic Parish, County Tyrone on 9 August 1843 (microfilm 1D/36) and emigrated from Liverpool 15 March1844 on the ship, Briton, to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Sarah's sister, Jane, also emigrated with them. Joseph's shipping record has his native place as Drumlane, County Cavan and he came as an agricultural labourer. Have done extensive genealogy searches for Bernard and Sarah for marriage and children but to no avail. Visiting Ireland October 2018; would be great to link with relatives. Jill - gormanjilly.6563@yahoo.com.au
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