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Family spelling variants includes Joynes, Johnys, Joens, Joanes, Johnes, Johns, John

JONES Family History

Jones Family History
Family spelling variants include John, Johns, Joanes, Joens, Johnes, Johnys, Joynes.

There are approximately 2,296,589 Jones family members around the world. In general you can double this figure to include those related to the Jones names to allow for those connected to the name through maiden name connections.

It is estimated that the largest group of Jones family members live USA with 1,725,627 (75.1%) members, followed by Wales with 173,782 (7.6%), England with 163,268 (7.1%), Australia with 111,307 (4.8%), Canada with 68,210 (3%), South Africa with 37,365 (1.6%), New Zealand with 8,563 (0.7%), New Zealand with 9,912 (0.4%) and Ireland with 6,396 (0.3%) members. 

This surname is a Welsh and English variant of the Middle English personal name Jon(e) (John), a patronymic surname meaning the son of John.

In Wales the patronymic form became a hereditary surname – Jones – between the 16th and 19th centuries, depending on where in the country the family lived. 

Similar to John or Johns, it is derived from the personal name in Latin Johannes, meaning "Yahweh is gracious."

It was also an English locative name for someone who lived or worked ‘at John’s (house)’.

Early bearers of the surname in Wales include: Elizabeth Jones, 1574 in IGI (Llantrithyd, Glamorgan); John Jones, 1626 in IGI (Grosmont, Monmouths); Hen Jones, 1726 in IGI (Llanfihangel Aberbythych, Carmarthens); Cath Jones, 1728 in IGI (Holyhead, Anglesey).

In the 1881 Census, the surname was widespread across the UK and heavily dense in Wales. It was frequent in Anglesey, which was reported as a top county for the surname with 10,416 occurrences. In Holyhead, Anglesey there were 1,543 occurrences of Jones. 

In 1881, Farmer, Coal Miner and Labourer were the top 3 reported jobs worked by Jones in the UK. The most common Jones occupation was a Farmer and a less common occupation was Agricultural Labourer.

In the 1891 Census, there were 349,541 occurrences in England and 168,175 in Wales of which 9,861 were present in Anglesey. 

The noted William Jones, FRS (1675 –  1749) was a Welsh mathematician born in Anglesey. He was mostly known for his use of the symbol π (the Greek letter Pi) to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. He was also a close friend of Sir Isaac Newton. His son, William Jones (1746 - 1794), was a Anglo-Welsh philologist renowned for establishing connections between Latin, Greek and Sanskrit, leading to the concept of the Indo-European language group.

Sir Thomas John Woodward OBE is known professionally as Tom Jones, a Welsh singer that began his career in the mid-60s with several top-ten hits. In 1999, he was awarded and OBE for his service to music. He is more recently renowned for his role as singing coach and judge on British talent show The Voice.

Welsh actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones was born in 1969 in Swansea and started performing from a young age, where she played roles in Annie and Bugsy Malone. She was a regular cast member of British comedy drama The Darling Buds of May, as eldest daughter Mariette in the Larkin family. The actress is also well established in Hollywood with her roles in The Mask of Zorro, Chicago, Entrapment and Terminal along with many others. She married American actor Michael Douglas in 2000 and they have two children together.

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    Robin Renee Jones


    My name is Robin.  I'm looking for informati?on and my history.  My 2nd Great Grandfather was James Jones, born in 1838 in Armagh Northern Ireland.  He moved to england.  Married Jane Hughes then to Porepunkah Australia.  His Father was George Jones (1800-1844) and mother was Margaret McConnell (1810-1842) from Newry. 
     George and Margaret ?stayed in Newry.

    Thank you for any lights you can shine.?



    Judith Ann Hess

    My great Grandfather was Thomas Jones from Wexford. Hewas a member of the Royal Irish Constabulary and came to Australia around 1857.  He did not indicate his parents on his Marriage Certificate or his Death Certificate, so I know very little about him.


    Alive 21/09/1966


    My Grandfather was Arthur Edward John Jones who came from Greenwich in London. His father was Henry Joseph Jones from Lewisham. However my dad does not know the family link to wales but remembers his dad taking them to a church Graveyard in Abergavenny Area and showing him relative’s graves. We would like to know the link! And if we still have any relatives there.

    Eilir Wales101

    Your visit to Abergavenny does indeed suggest a link – that could be direct (i.e. a direct ancestor of yours moved from Abergavenny to London) or the relatives you speak of moved from London to the Abergavenny area. To investigate that link, start by researching your great grandfather, Henry Joseph Jones from Lewisham, to find out who his parents were – trace his birth certificate and try finding him and his parents on the censuses. Those censuses will tell you where Henry's parents were born. If it turns out that his father or both his parents were from Abergavenny, then you can start to research their siblings and descendants – this should tell you who those relatives were who are buried in the Abergavenny churchyard, and lay the foundations fo find out if there are relatives still living in the area.


    Robert William Jones born 1821 in Wales, died 27 december 1868 in Australia. Married Helena Ellen Preston in Australia 1852. I think Robert my great great grandfather may have been born in Glamorgan, but I am not sure. His father was also Robert Jones born around 1796 in Cardiff, Glamorgan.

    Eilir Wales101

    It's quite likely that Robert was born in the county of Glamorgan, especially if you know for sure that his father was born there. If his Australian death certificate is the most detailed kind and therefore includes birth location details, then this could (if those details were recorded of course) help you to pin down where in Wales he was born. Alternatively, have you been able to trace his arrival in Australia - some Australian passenger lists include a reference to where an individual was from. You could also try to search the historical newspapers (via the Trove website – https://trove.nla.gov.au/) for his obituary which may include a reference to where he was born.


    Grace Beverly Jones, May 19, 1948 (born). Jamaican-American, entertainer Bishop Noel Jones, January 31, 1950 (born). Jamaican-American, bishop, brother of Grace Jones Marion Jones, October 12, 1975 (born). Former American track and field athlete Catherine Zeta-Jones, September 25, 1969 (born). Welsh actress James Earl Jones, January 17, 1931(born). American actor Tommy Lee Jones, September 15, 1946 (born). American actor

    Lee Michael jones

    Lee Jones 46yrs old from pontypool south wales

    Michelle Jones

    my grandfather was a jones he said that his origin came from wales and ireland i dont know much about him but i know my great great grandparents are from ireland .

    Eilir Wales101

    Hi Michelle. To discover more about your grandfather's origins and those of his family, start by researching his early life - if you know around when and where he was born, then start by ordering his birth certificate. If he lived in the UK and was born prior to 1921, you can also search for him and his family on the censuses, which will confirm where he and his parents were born (if he lived in the US, then later censuses are available for consultation there). You can then move on to gather details on his parents' parents. If the censuses confirm his parents (or his parents' parents) were from Ireland, you can then move on to search for them on earlier records - such as the 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses - if they were living in ireland at the time - and for their marriage and birth records.

    Eilir Wales101

    To investigate your grandfather's origins, first of all, try tracing as much information about your him as you can. Start by obtaining his birth certificate - if he was born in Ireland, it can be ordered from the Irish General Register Office. Irish birth indexes are online on sites such as Ancestry. His birth record will establish his parents' identities, and you can then use this to trace information relating to them. Your grandfather or his parents may be on the 1901 or 1911 censuses, which will tell you where they were born. All this will form the foundation of your research, and as you move back in time you may be able to gather evidence which may or may not suggest Welsh origins. If your Jones ancestor was from Wales, then a *potential* theory could be that he served with a British army regiment that was stationed in Ireland during the 19th century, married a local girl, and then settled there.

    Anthony Barrett

    (Part 1 of 3) The Jones name has a long history in British Isles, but now DNA and some recorded history says their origin is from the Emerald Island. The Jones story [dominated by DNA tribal marker R1b-L513, Subgroup B2] can trace their origins to the Finn Valley in Donegal, Ireland from 50 BCE. Perhaps the journey begins with the Clanna Dedad; Deda, son of Sen or Deda Mac Sin. The Jones surname origin is from Clan Domnaill [DNA Tribe R1b-L513, Subgroup B1] and relations who remain in Ireland take the modern surname (O’)Donnelly, McDonald and Donohue in Ireland.

    Anthony Barrett

    (Part 2 of 3) According to research, the Domnaill name is also found in Brittany, France. It is a very old name which appears in the 5th century Roman inscriptions as Dumnovellaunos in Brittany meaning “Deep Valour” equivalent to Irish Domhnaill. But how could this be? Recent discoveries from DNA testing are unlocking the migration patterns of Celtic tribes as late as 800 CE to 1200 CE. The Jones story begins in pre-history Ireland then moves to Wales where the family can be traced back to their Welsh tribe Cydifor Fawr. An ancestor and many of his kin will then move to Brittany, France during the Dark Ages.

    Anthony Barrett

    (Part 3 of 3) Discover their newly found untold story and how forgotten texts bring their story back to life. From the ebook, “The Tribe Within” learn how DNA unfolds this amazing tale and if you look in the right places, how history narrates this evidence. There is another written account of their story, but it is camouflaged in smoke and myth – it will become the tales of King Arthur. Come follow in the footsteps of Deda Mac Sin and visit https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/401207

    Anthony Barrett

    The Jones name has a long history in Wales, but now DNA and some recorded history says their origin is from the Emerald Island. The Jones story [dominated by DNA tribal marker R1b-L513, Subgroup B2] can trace their origins to the Finn Valley in Donegal, Ireland from 50 BCE. Perhaps the journey begins with the Clanna Dedad; Deda, son of Sen or Deda Mac Sin. The Jones surname origin is from Clan Domnaill [DNA Tribe R1b-L513, Subgroup B1] and relations who remain in Ireland take the modern surname (O’)Donnelly, McDonald and Donohue in Ireland. The Domnaill name is also found in Brittany, France according to research from the Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique. It is a very old name which appears in the 5th century Roman inscription

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