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Sunday 23rd June
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DORAN Family History

This interesting surname, with variant spellings Dorran, Dorrian and O'D(e)oran, is of Irish origin, and is an Anglicized form of the Old Gaelic "O'Deoradhain" (modern Irish "O'Deorain"). The name is derived from the Gaelic prefix "O", indicating "grandson" or "male descendant of", and the personal byname "Deorain", from "deoradh", an exile, wanderer or stranger. The Dorans were one of the seven septs of Leix (O' Devoy, O' Dowling, McEvoy, O' Kelly, O' Lalor and O' Moore being the other six), and they were known as "the great Brehan family of Leinster". The word "brehan" refers to the Gaelic legal system in force before the Norman Invasion on which the family was expert.

Doran Family from Wexford

FOR centuries the O'Dorans were the hereditary brehons or lawyers to the MacMurrough ruling family of the ancient kingdom of Ui

Ceinnsealaigh, which included the whole of Co. Wexford with adjacent parts of south Wicklow and south Carlow. In his Irish Families. MacLysaght states that the O'Dorans have been justly described as "the great brehon family of Leinster'.

So influential were they that their advice was even sought by an English Lord Deputy on a question of Government administration in the sixteenth century. The O'Doran who was chief brehon of Art MacMurrough Kavanagh, King of Leinster, was poisoned with him at a banquet in New Ross in 1418.

When Cahir MacInnycross, the last Kavanagh King of Leinster, made a treaty with the Crown in 1543, John O'Doran was appointed, with others, to limit and assign the lands belonging to the King's castles and manors. In 1572, when the barony of Idrone in Carlow, then vested in the Crown, was ordered by royal commission to be meared or measured, Donagh O'Doran of Rathaskand, was amongst the Irish gentlemen of the barony who were chosen for that purpose.

Now chiefly found in Co. Wexford, the O'Dorans were originally one of the Seven Septs of Leix, whose leading members were transplanted to Kerry. In 1540 they were seated at Chapel (Bantry). At that time the English authorities accused them of 'soccouring rebellious plunderers in their judicial capacity.'

William Doran owned lands at Chapel until he was dispossessed in the Cromwellian confiscations, and his properties granted to John Deacon. In 1603 they are listed as among the principal gentlemen of Co. Wexford, and have two townlands named after them-Doransland.

Colm Doran, of the Augustinian monastery in Ferns, who died in 1408, wrote the Annals of Ireland, largely copied by Ware. At the time of the Plantation of North Wexford in the early 1600s, Patrick Doran of Oulart made a long petition in which he protested at injustices being perpetrated on the native Irish.Cahir O'Doran was one of several who had agreed to surrender their lands, and receive them back by letters patent in 1570.4

Before the Cromwellian confiscations Dorans were substantial landowners in the Oulart area. Lands were forfeited by John Doran. Raheenduff: Brian Doran, Ballymurray and Edmond Doran. Garrintrolan. In the Book of Survey and Distribution relating to that period, Andrew Doran, Tomnaboley,

Tomnaboley, and Breen O'Doran, Garrybritt, are designated as Protestants, and as such were allowed to retain their lands

The widespread distribution of the name in the county is shown in Griffith's Valuation of 1853 and the earlier Tithe Books. It occurs 88 times in Shelburne, 26 in Scarawalsh, 23 in Bantry, 21 in Ballaghkeen o in Gorey, 16 in Shelmalier and 10 in Forth.

The name has been prominent amongst the clergy of the Dioce Ferns. Canon Myles Doran was parish priest of Rathnure from 1853 1878 and of Castlebridge until his death in 1890. Rev. William Doran native of Knocktartan, Ballymitty, was prior of the Augustinians Grantstown in 1915. Canon James Doran, who died parish priest of Ballyoughter in 1951, had been President of St. Peter's College from 1932 to 1940. He was a native of Craanrue, Edermine. Rev. John M. Doran died parish priest of Carnew in 1977.

John Doran, Moneyhore, Enniscorthy (died 1980), was a member of the great Wexford football team that won the All-Ireland championship in 1918. He was elected to Wexford County Council in 1927. Two other Dorans elected to the same body were James, of Moorfields. Rathaspeck, in 1945; and Joseph of Monamolin, in 1974.

The hurling prowess of the Doran brothers of Monamolin in recent years has won fame for this old Wexford name. Tony Doran, who captained the county team that played in the All-Ireland finals of 1976 and 1978, was generally regarded as one of the greatest hurling fullforwards of all time while Colm was rated as one of the country's leading half-backs. Both have been honoured by hurling All-Stars selectors. Their brothers, Bill and Joe, have also hurled with distinction, representing Wexford at various levels. The four of them have backboned the highly successful Buffers Alley G.A.A. club over a long period. Bill is married to Bridie Jacob, an All-Ireland camogie medal winner with Wexford.

Larry Doran of Gorey was a successful cyclist during the 1960s, competing several times in the Ras Tailteann eight-day event.

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    Carl Doran

    I am Carl T Doran my Father Carl T Doran his father Sherwood T Doran His father Carl T Doran his father Samuel T Doran
    Hire an expert Reply


    22 Dec 1794 to 15 Nov 1888
    Hire an expert Reply

    Mary Doran

    Hi cousins! My Doran family came from Castledermot and Bolton in County Kildare before immigrating to New York City, USA. Contact me if this sounds remotely familiar. And have a great day!
    Hire an expert Reply

    Rosemary Powell

    Hi, I’m Rosemary Doran (married Powell). My Dad was Scottish but great grandfather was from Belfast I believe (Joseph Doran)
    Hire an expert Reply

    dan McGettigan

    Good Day Ed: My Mother was a Doran--Grandfather from Kilkenny--some of our Doran Relatives arrived in St. John's, NL (Newfoundland and Labrador) ,around 1900 or earlier. Don't know much about them--dan McGettigan St. John's,NL
    Hire an expert Reply

    Lee Doran

    Hi Lee Doran is my name. Family came from Ireland in the 1940's. Arthur Doran grandfather, moved to Australia. My father born in 1943 Trevor Doran was the eldest of 5 orphaned children. He passed when I was only 7 leaving me with little knowledge of my family. I would like to connect. Also looking for Anthony Doran. Born in the 1940's not sure what year.
    Hire an expert Reply

    mack doran

    hi i am mack doran and would love to know more about meh family
    Hire an expert Reply

    Doran Ward

    My Irish ancestor was Jane Doran from Fermoy in Cork, Ireland. She was born in 1847 and emigrated to New York in 1863 in time to see Lincoln's funeral cortege. Her brother Jeremiah came here closer to the turn of the century, but moved to California.. She was my grandmother's grandmother, both very loved. My mother Jane remembered her fondly,and named me for her. My first name is Doran.
    Hire an expert Reply

    Dallas Doran

    Hi, I live in Cape Town South Africa having emigrated from the UK in 1962. My parents, now deceased, were Reginald and Pam Doran from London
    Hire an expert Reply

    Gavin Doran

    My grandfather is Peter Doran and Father is Michael Doran from Newry, County Down. Paternal fatherline haplogroup is M-222, apparently that of Niall and the Nine hostages. Very interested in researching exactly what Doran means as a name and why it was given.
    Hire an expert Reply

    Julianne Doran

    Hi ya I am Julianne Doran, married now and have changed my surname. But maiden name is Doran. Originally from Kilkenny. My father Michael Doran from limerick. Would love to know more on my dad's family surname.
    Hire an expert Reply


    James Doran, Revolutionary War veteran, died 1799 in Washington County, Virginia. May have been born in 1738 in Ferns, County Wexford. Seeking confirmation or refutation. Son ALexander Doran, also served in American Revolution, a Major in War of 1812, born in Maryland, 1760, died in 1814 or 1815 in Johnson County, Tennessee.
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    Cathleen Brown

    Hi, my name is Cathleen Doran Brown. My Doran Family hails from Dungannon Ireland. William Doran is my great-great grandfather. He and his wife, Jane (Jenny) migrated first from Dungannon to Vermont and then established in Niagara Falls Canada. William's parents, according to a family Bible, were William and Bessie ORR Doran. I cannot find any records for them :(
    Hire an expert Reply

    Annette Doran

    Hi My grandparents and great grandparents were from Blessington area co Wicklow I would love to hear from any possible relatives Thank You
    Hire an expert Reply


    Richard Doran here in Kenmare, Co. Kerry IE.
    Hire an expert Reply

    Edward Doran

    Hi Doran's contact me!
    Hire an expert Reply
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