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Swedish Baby Boy Names

Swedish Baby Name Generator

Unique Swedish Boy Names & Meanings


Kai (Diminutive Of Gerhard, Nicolaas, Cornelis Or Gaius)

Kaj (Diminutive Of Gerhard, Nicolaas, Cornelis Or Gaius)

Kalle (Diminutive Of Karl)

Kåre (Curly Curved)

Karl (Form Of Charles)  

Kasper (Form Of Jasper)

Kay (Diminutive Of Gerhard, Nicolaas, Cornelis Or Gaius)

Kennet (Form Of Kenneth)

Kenneth (Form Of Coinneach)

Kettil (Form Of Ketil)

Kevin (Kind, Gentle, Handsome, Birth)  

Kim (Form Of Joachim)

Kjell (Form Of Of Ketil)

Klas (Form Of Nicholas)

Klemens (Gentle And Merciful)

Knut (Knot)

Konrad (Form Of Conrad)


Krister (Form Of Christer)

Kristian (Form Of Christian)

Kristoffer (Form Of Form Of Christopher)

Kurt (form of Konrad)


Lage (Woman from the ocean)

Lagman (Lawman)

Lamont (Lawman)

Laris (*)

Lars (Of Laurentum)

Lasse (Of Laurentum)

Laurens (Of Laurentum)

Lauris (Laurel)

Leif (Descendant Heir)

Lelle (Diminutive Of Lennart)

Lennart (Form Of Leonard)  

Leo (Lion)  


Linus (Flax)

Loke (Form Of Loki)

Lorens (Of Laurentum)

Lorenz (Of Laurentum)

Love (Famous Warrior)

Ludde (Famous Warrior)

Ludvig (Form Of Ludwig)

Lukas (Form Of Luke)


Magnus (Great)  

Malte (Form Of Helmold)


Marcus (Mars)

Mark (Form Of Mark)

Markus (Form Of Mark)

Mårten (Of/Like Mars)

Martin (Of/Like Mars)  

Mathias (Gift Of God)

Mats (Gift Of God)

Matteus (Gift Of God)

Matthias (Gift Of God)

Mattias (Gift Of God)

Max (Form Of Maximus)  

Maximilian (Diminutive For Maximilian)

Melker (Form Of Melchior)


Michael (Who Is Like God?)

Mikael (Who Is Like God?)



Nels (Victor Of The People)

Niklas (Form Of Nicholas)

Nikolaus (Form Of Nicholas)

Nils (Victor Of The People)

Nisse (Victor Of The People)

Njord (Strong Vigourous)

Noah (Rest)

Noak (Rest)


Oddmund (Point Of A Weapon Protection)

Oden (Poetry)

Ola (Heir Of The Ancestors)

Olaf (Heir Of The Ancestors)

Olander (Sweden)

Oliver (Heir Of The Ancestors)

Olle (Heir Of The Ancestors)

Olof (Heir Of The Ancestors)

Olov (Heir Of The Ancestors)

Örjan (Earth-Worker Farmer)

Orvar (Arrow)

Oscar (Deer Friend)

Oskar (Deer Friend)

Osvald (Form Of Oswald)

Otto (Wealth Fortune)

Ove (Edge Of A Sword, Terror)


Pål (Small)

Patrik (Form Of Patrick)

Paul (Smallhumble)  

Peder (Rock Stone)

Peer (Rock Stone)

Pehr (Rock Stone)

Pelle (Rock Stone)

Per (Rock Stone)

Peter (Rock Stone)  

Petter (Rock Stone)

Philip (Friend Of Horses)  

Pierre (Rock Stone)

Pontus (Form Of Pontius)


Ragnar (Form Of Rayner)

Ragnvald (Form Of Ragnvaldr)

Ralf (Form Of Ralph)  

Ralph (Form Of Ráðúlfr)

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Rasmus (Form Of Erasmus)

Rikard (Form Of Richard)

Robert (Bright,Fame)  

Robin (Bright, Fame)

Rodger (Famous Spear)

Roffe (Famous Wolf )

Roger (Famous spear)  

Roland (Famous Land)  

Rolf (Famous Wolf)

Ruben (Form Of Reuben)

Rudolf (Famous Wolf)

Rune (Secret Lore)



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Salomon (Form Of Solomon)

Samuel (Name Of Godgod Has Heard)  

Sander (Form Of Alexander)

Sebastian (From Sebaste)  


Severin (Form Of Severinus)

Sigfrid (Form Of Siegfried)

Sigge (Victory)

Sigmund (Victory,Protector)

Sigurd (Victory, Guardian)

Sigvard (Form Of Sigurd)

Simon (He Has Heard)  

Sixten (Victory, Stone)

Sören (Form Of Søren)

Staffan (A garland)

Stefan (Crown)  

Stellan (Calm)

Sten (Stone)

Stian (Form Of Stígandr)

Stig (Form Of Stigr)

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Ström (River)

Sture (Obstinate)

Svante (Form Of Svantepolk)

Sven (Boy)

Sven-Åke (*)

Sven-Erik (*)

Svenbjorn (Resembling A Young Bear)



Teo (Form Of Theodore)

Teodor (Form Of Theodore)

Terje (Thor's Spear)

Theodor (Form Of Theodore)

Therje (Thor's Spear)

Thor (Thunder)

Thorbjörn (Thor's Bear)

Thore (Form Of Tore)

Thorgny (Thor's Clashthunder Clash)

Thorir (Thor's Warrior)

Thorsten (Thor's Stone)

Thorvald (Thor's Ruler)

Thyr (God)

Tim (Form Of Timothy)  

Tobias (Form Of Tobiah)

Tomas (Twin)  

Tor (Thunder)

Torbern (Thor's Bear)

Torbjörn (Thor's Bear)

Tore (Form Of Þórir)

Torger (Thor's Spear)

Torgils (Thor's Arrow)



Torsten (Thor's Stone)


Truls (Thor's Arrow)

Tryggve (Trustworthy)

Trygve (Trustworthy)

Ture (Thunder)

Tyko (Hitting The Mark)


Ulf (Wolf)

Ulrik (Form Of Ulrich)

Urban (City Dweller)


Valbor (Mighty Mountain)

Valdemar (Famous Rule)

Valentin (Healthy Strong)  

Valfred (Strong Peace)

Valfried (Strong Peace)

Vallfred (Strong Peace)

Vallfrid (Strong Peace)

Vallfried (Strong Peace)

Valter (Ruler Of The Army)  

Vendel (A Wanderer)

Verner (Guard Army)

Victor (Victor Conqueror)

Vidar (Wide Warrior)

Viggo (War)

Viking (Viking Raider)

Viktor (Victor Conqueror)  

Vilfrid (Desires Peace)

Vilhelm (Form Of William)

Ville (Form Of William)

Vilmar (Form Of Willamar)

Vincent (To Conquere)  


Waldemar (Famous Rule)

Walter (Ruler Of The Army)

Werner (Guard, Army)


Yngve (Form Of Yngvi)

Yrian (Earth-Worker, Farmer)

Yrjan (Earth-Worker, Farmer)